Sponsor Testimonial

“I have two boys, ages 13 and 16, that have been involved in soccer since they were 6 years old. I also had quite a collection of soccer shoes because of this! The shoes were in good condition but the boys had just outgrown them. I attempted to sell them at a garage sale I had this past summer (for $2.00 a pair) but they didn’t go. I also spoke with a local sports store that deals with used sporting equipment but they were not interested. I had met Collin through soccer in Swift Current and he told me about the boys in Zimbabwe that could use these shoes. It just happened that Collin was making a trip there so I packed up the soccer shoes and sent them along with him. Upon his return to Swift Current, he brought our family letters written by the boys who received the shoes along with photos of them.

I was overcome with emotion as I read the letters these boys wrote to my own boys, thanking them for the shoes. The appreciation that they showed was so powerful. I am very thankful that Collin was able to take that box of shoes along with him to Zimbabwe. I feel honoured that the shoes have gone to some very deserving young men!”

Susan Burnay


You can become a sponsor by sending us cheques, cash or you may also help in kind. There are so many children who sit on dirty floors in class due to non-availability of school furniture, just as there are so many children without sports equipment such as balls for soccer and netballs, sports uniforms, soccer shoes and other items. Please feel free to donate these items to us. We would then donate them to the needy schools that we work with.

For those people based in developed countries and are planning to visit Zimbabwe, you may bring us a soccer kit or even a few soccer balls. These could either be new or used. These things would definitely help make a big difference in the lives of our children. A glance at our photo gallery shows what we have accomplished with used soccer uniforms sourced from abroad.

We have a list of schools in the five districts that we work with that are in dire need of things such as water, classrooms, school furniture, sports equipment, etc. You can even adopt a project or a school, whatever works for you and is within your budget. In the field of humanitarian needs, no amount is too small. We would gladly mention you on our website if you do not mind. Our dedicated team would also keep you posted on the projects that you chose to help us in.

How to Donate Funds

You can drop a cheque or directly deposit cash into our Barclays Bank Account (see details below). For alternate arrangements, please contact us directly via the contact page.


Account Name:
The Collin Nyabadza Children’s Voice Charitable Trust
Account Number: 1149080
Branch Code: 2307
Branch Name: Main Street, Bulawayo
Country: Zimbabwe
Swift Code: BARCZWHX



Developed countries are where they are today owing to the significant role played by volunteers. We are therefore always on the lookout for volunteers to help us reach out to as many children as possible. Sometimes all it takes is for you to come forward and talk to children in schools about the need to take their education seriously, something that would go a long towards motivating them. They need positive role models in their lives if they are to succeed. We are always looking for young people, professionals, sports personalities, people of good character and valuable experiences to talk to the children in our programs.

Our major aim is to help come up with a society that adheres to the values of ethics, accountability, honesty, hard work, trust, accountability, good governance, transparency and integrity. Added to that, volunteering can be an extremely rich and rewarding experience. You can also help us fundraise by participating in mall pot/kettle collections, sponsored walks, car washes, selling raffle tickets, etc.

Last but not least, our organisation provides a reference letter to all those who volunteer with us, which they would then pass on as references to any prospective employer for job seeking purposes. For volunteer opportunities please feel free to contact us.