I first met Collin over three years ago, in a meeting to discuss plans for building a website to represent his organization. Though I knew nothing of Collin in that first meeting, it became evident quite quickly that he was a man with a big heart and a clear vision, and that he was not someone easily swayed by greed or weakened by complacency. It didn’t take me long to decide to take on the website project and to donate a significant portion of the work to support his worthy efforts.

In the many opportunities I’ve had to sit and speak with Collin since our first meeting, I have come to know him as a man with a great passion for all children, particularly for those who are in need and suffering. Collin works tirelessly to support children, both in his home country of Zimbabwe, as well as here in Canada through his social and volunteer work.

Collin has rallied about him a group of teachers, headmasters, coaches, all passionate volunteers working directly with school children in Zimbabwe. While not busy with his demanding job working with special needs children, Collin is giving motivational talks to high school students, presenting leadership talks at the local Newcomer Welcome Centre, coaching Little League Soccer- all the while working tirelessly to source funds to help school children back in Zimbabwe.

It is my hope to see the Children’s Voice foundation continue to gain momentum and to be able to do what they are so ready, willing and well-equipped to do- help take care of Zimbabwe’s children through funding and support. It is in my observation that the Collin Nyabadza’s Children’s Voice Trust does everything within it’s power to put this money to good use, helping children in rural Zimbabwe receive quality education.

Collin keeps me up to date on both the successes and the challenges of trying to raise funding and equipment for school children half a world away. It is a complex and complicated process with many obstacles, with a steep and ever-changing learning curve, but it’s a challenge that Collin and his team rise to meet time and time again. They are no strangers to adversity and it is their great faith, integrity and good will, and support from people like you and I, that keep them moving toward their goals.

Staci Schaitel
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada