2015 Chairperson’s Annual Report

Posted on Dec 8, 2015

The 2015 Chairperson’s Annual Report


We are excited about this year’s theme …………. “Taking the work of the Trust to the most vulnerable children in the rural Zimbabwe” and are working hard to live up to the promise. With numerous Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) around us in Zimbabwe all competing for top notch service to the vulnerable children, the Collin Nyabadza Children’s Voice Charitable Trust (CNCVCT) wants to stand up and be counted among them, with differentiated products and services. I have been privileged to interact with a number of NGOs in Zimbabwe, in particular, in the rural Matabeleland North region, and have seen the dedication, passion and pride which the not – for- profit organisations are servicing the vulnerable children and other vulnerable members of our society. This is who we are. Our business is to ensure that no child is put down by poverty and that all children are assisted to realise their full potential and dreams.

Embracing Change

From our organisation’s humble beginning, allow me to say that we have succeeded to a large extent to accomplish our set targets because we stayed true to our core values – putting vulnerable children first in everything we do, pursuing excellence and embracing change, acting with integrity and serving the districts that we have chosen to work with. For us 2014 through 2015 have been a period of embracing change. I have always believed that change is good. It keeps you relevant and encourages growth and progress. Operating from a depressed world economy, we are pleased to have remained afloat and being the first choice for many donors around the world. This is awesome. We attribute this to our dedicated and resilient board members who have always dedicated their time to the Trust business against all odds and despite their busy schedule. No doubt, our commitment together with our love for children has contributed immensely to our growth. This has been our strength and source of attraction to many partners working with us around the world. Partners are excited about our vision and the enormous achievements we have realized since the inception of our Trust in 2012. The achievements are quite a lot and our partners cannot believe how we have achieved all that and yet with meagre resources within a short space of time.

Expansion Of Our Team

In my last report I did unveil names of our board members comprising Messrs. Malaki Ndlovu, Sipho Ncube, Bongani Ncube, Ronald Ncube, Exson N. Nyathi, and Siqhubumthetho Dube and Ms. Sibonokuhle Ndlovu (Twin 1), Ms. Nokuthula Ncube and Ms. Sherinah Sibanda. We have since added three new board members namely Ms. Josephine Masuku, Ms. Sibonokuhle Ndlovu (Twin 2) and Mr. Cosmas Zulu to boost our capabilities as a team. The Trust has found it also imperative to have two contact persons in Binga and Mutasa Districts in Ms. Saneliso Dube Head of Bulawayo Kraal Secondary School and Ms. Nothando Phiri an ancillary Social Worker in Mutasa District. In my report I also mentioned our meeting with our Executive Director Mr. Collin Nyabadza who is resident in Canada.

Ladies and gentlemen, you will agree with me that the districts that we have selected are still very backward in terms of development and need our attention urgently as a Trust. We need to put our heads together and see how we can bring a positive change in these districts.


This report will not be complete ladies and gentlemen, if it does not mention the Trust’s achievements in the year 2015. In the year under review the following activities were accomplished by the CNCVCT.

  • Container full of classroom furniture and other educational gadgets will be arriving in Zimbabwe anytime in December. This was kindly donated to us by CART in the UK.
  • E.L.F. Project which is a group of USA students will be visiting us in Zimbabwe for 11 days in June 2016 and we will accommodate them at Gloag High School – where they will work with the school and two other secondary schools Somvumbu and Majiji. The USA students will teach sports, games and will also help construct volleyball courts at Gloag.
  • Donation of classroom furniture to Majiji Primary School – the funds CAD6 000 was provided to us by Global Education Fund (GEF) Edmonton, Canada. The school got 17 Group Tables, 170 Single Chairs and 2 Teachers Chairs and 2 Teachers Tables.
  • Donation of stationery and girls sanitary items – kindly donated to us by Canadian Rotarian Kim Cooper and her Kamloops West Rotary Club
  • Donation of classroom furniture to Gombalume Primary School in Tsholotsho District – the funds were kindly donated by Canadians. One kind lady from Swift Current with her family gave us CAD1 000 while the Kamloops West Rotary Club gave us CAD500 and Yoga Connection from Swift Current gave us CAD200
  • Donation of soccer kits and soccer balls to Tsholotsho schools
  • Donation of library books to Somvubu Secondary School and Umguza Primary School in Bulawayo (Mbizo District)
  • Donation of soccer kits and training kits to Manyane Secondary School in Matobo District – these were donated to us by the Reagan Milstein Foundation, Australia


Projects On The Cards

The CNCVCT is putting all its effort to construct two classroom blocks one at Seshawe Primary School in Bubi District and the other one at Bulawayo Kraal Secondary School in Binga District. The classroom situation in those two schools is very pathetic. Help with funds will certainly be greatly appreciated. The Trust is also still trying to source funds to purchase office furniture and other technological gadgets such as desktops, laptops, printer, cellphone, filling cabinet and book shelves.

From the achievements listed above, it is very clear that the Trust is following its strategic plan religiously. All things that we have done are in line with what we set out to do in our strategic plan. Due to unavailability of adequate resources we have however not done everything we wanted to do during the year under review. We will therefore continue to reach out to partners both locally and abroad who share with us the same vision, for support in cash or kind in our efforts to fund all the projects contained in our strategic plan document.


Lastly, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to thank all board members for their unwavering support. I would like to thank, in particular those members who came forward and availed themselves when their services were greatly needed. As a Trust we value your support and commitment for the sake of our vulnerable children in our rural Zimbabwe. I implore you to continue to make a deliberate effort and do more for those that need your help within and without the Collin Nyabadza Children’s Voice Charitable Trust family. Continue to shine …….giving assistance to those who need your help. More blessings shall come your way. Believe me you …….. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

To all our valued friends across the globe and locally who helped us with funds and equipment that enabled us impact the lives of many children we say thank you very much. We hope to continue working with you in our continued endeavours to provide better educational facilities for our rural school children. We will not let you down.

I thank you.

Complied By Mr. Siqhubumthetho Dube – Board Chairperson


Board Members: Mr. Collin Nyabadza (Executive Director), Mr. Siqhubumthetho Dube (Chairperson), Mr. Sipho Ncube (Vice Chairperson), Ms. Sibonokuhle Ndlovu (Twin 1) (Secretary/Marketing), Mr. Bongani Ncube (Accountant), Mr. Ronald Ncube (Projects Advisor), Mr. Malaki Ndlovu (Donor Relations /Fund Raising Coordinator), Mr. Exson N. Nyathi (Board Advisor), Mr. Cosmas Zulu (Sports Development Coordinator), Ms. Sibonokuhle Ndlovu (Twin 1) (Special Needs Education Coordinator), Ms. Nokuthula Ncube (Gender Relations Officer), Ms. Sherinah Sibanda (Vice Secretary), Ms. Josephine Masuku (Public Relations Officer)


2015 Chairman’s Annual Report