10 yr old Mac Millar partners with us

Posted on Sep 10, 2014

We have the opportunity to work with 11 year old Mac Millar and his enterprising mom, Sacha from Australia. He is such an amazing kid who is certainly going to be a world leader. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Mac is definitely that change. Touched by the plight of kids his age, from impoverished countries around the world, who love soccer but cannot get to play their beloved game due to a lack of soccer balls Mac set up his own charity, Play It Forward. He collects soccer balls which he then distributes to children from different parts of the world. He gave us AUD500 which we used to buy 15 soccer balls which were distributed to five schools, Tjewondo, Lingwe and Marinoha Primary Schools in Matobo District, Zimbabwe. He has also sent lots of soccer balls to children from Afghanistan, Solomon Islands, Cambodia and around Australia where he lives.

At 11, Mac has already written a book entitled, Football – Play It Forward, with proceeds from it going towards purchasing more soccer balls for kids around the world. This is an interesting and inspirational book written in simple and straight forward language which we would certainly recommend other kids to read. Please read page 29 of Mac’s book. His book is available at Amazon. Please order as many copies as you could and support Mac’s project so that he could reach out to more children who are in need of soccer balls. You should hear him speak. He speaks like a 50 year old veteran leader with passion and eloquence. For more on the amazing work Mac does please feel to visit him at, www.macmillar.com His amazing story also helps to illustrate what children are capable of producing if given full support, for Mac receives lots of support for his projects from his parents.