Powerful speakers @ Rotary Convention

Posted on Apr 2, 2014

Last Friday I went to a Rotary Convention in Lethbridge, Alberta. It was an amazing moment as I got to get the opportunity to mingle with people with the passion about humanitarian work. I was able to make lots of meaningful contacts.

There were lots of powerful keynote speakers. Many people were asking me why I was not speaking as they felt I was well spoken. This motivated me into making a vow to speak at next year’s convention in Medicine Hat. This would enable me to chronicle my story.

There was a lady who came from Malawi to speak. She started a girls school, Girls On The Move, in her village. She told us how girls in her country are still being denied the right to an education. Her touching story motivated me to wanting to do more for children.

All in all attending the convention was a worthwhile investment for me.

Thanks to everyone for their support.