Creating new partnerships

Posted on Jul 3, 2015

IMG_2932[1]IMG_2931[1]IMG_2929[1]We continue creating new partnerships with other organisations in other parts of the world. Sometime last year, an amazing 11 year old Mac Millar donated AUD500 for us to purchase soccer balls for some of the schools we work with. Through working with Mac, we managed to connect with yet another amazing Australian, Kevin Milstein who also runs his own charitable foundation, the Reagan Milstein Foundation that helps communities in poor parts of the world with soccer gear.

Kevin is doing brilliant work, as his organisation has already touched the lives of children in South Africa and Lesotho, Kenya among others. We approached him for help with soccer gear. He agreed and today the 16th of June, 2015 he has shipped these soccer items pictured above, to us in Zimbabwe. The equipment includes 30 soccer jerseys, training bibs, wrist bands and sports bags. We are grateful to Kevin and your team for their generosity. The success of our work depends largely on the benevolence of individuals such as Kevin and others. Slowly but surely we are making progress. Please kindly partner with us so that we can even help more children.