mrcartMr. Siqhubumthetho Dube – Chairman

Diploma In Education, United College of Education (UCE); Diploma in Management, National University of Science & Technology; Bachelor of Education, Administration, Planning and Policy Studies, Open University of Zimbabwe.He is currently executive officer,Bubi Rural District Council.

A strong educational leader who never gives up where children are concerned. Has taught for over 15 years at both primary and secondary schools. At primary school he has taught all grades. He also served as headmaster in several dilapidated rural schools in Lupane but later turned them into an oasis. He has sourced a lot of funds to develop those schools and has a lot of knowledge in donor work.

mrdunnoMr. Malaki Ndlovu – Donor Relations

Certificate in Education and Diploma In Special Needs Education, UCE; Bachelor of Education Honours, Administration, Planning and Policy Studies, Open University of Zimbabwe,Currently Head of Mkauzaneni Primary School in Tsholotsho,where he has served with a distinction.

Just like the chairman, he has a vast knowledge of donor operations. Has been headmaster of several dilapidated rural schools which he turned them into polished diamonds. Currently heading a poor rural school. He is a man who has dedicated his entire professional life fighting for children’s rights to an education.

mrbrownMr. Sipho Ncube – Board Vice Chairperson

Certificate In Education, Gwanda Teachers’ College

He is currently heading a poor rural school in Tsholostho District where his work in developing his school has inspired other school heads in the vicinity to follow suit. He has developed every school that he has headed. Mr. Ncube brings years of hard work and experience in donor relations and school administration to the team.

msredMs. Sherinah Sibanda – Board Secretary

Bachelor of Water and Civil Engineering, National University of Science and Technology

A very intelligent young woman whom we want to develop and mentor into a fine leader.  A former student of Mr. Nyabadza, our founder. Received an education through a scholarship sourced for her by Mr. C. Nyabadza. She therefore wishes to give back to the community by donating her time to this organisation. Currently she is paying for the education of a brilliant orphaned girl as a way of giving back. She is currently holds the position of Chief Engineer with Victoria Falls Town Council.

NokuthulaNcubeMs. Nokuthula Ncube  Gender Issues Officer

Studied at Bulawayo Polytechnical College where she pursued civil engineering

Ms. Ncube is a reserved but intelligent woman who also got sponsorship sourced for her by Mr. Nyabadza for her Advanced Level Studies. She also wishes to give back to the community by volunteering her services to this organisation. Ms. Ncube currently works as a Land Surveyor at Mhlahlandlela Building with the Ministry of Lands.

msmasukuMs. Josephine Masuku – Public Relations Officer & Harare Representative

Ms. Masuku is a diligent woman who is passionate about children and the plight of those in need in general. She comes into the organisation with a wealth of teaching experience in the disadvantaged rural schools where she taught English at high school after completing her teacher education at Hillside Teachers College.

Currently, Ms. Masuku works at Zimbabwe Television (ZTV) where she is a News Producer. Her duties and responsibilities at Pockets Hill include preparing and making appropriate news presentation based on collected stories and articles. She also selects stories for transmission. Added to that she compiles and writes articles for news bulletins together with producing items highlighting the plight of different people who need help. This wide range of experience Ms. Masuku has will certainly help our organisation grow. Her biggest task would be for her to promote our organisation’s image to the wider world using her experience from her job. Since she is based in our capital city, Harare, she would also be responsible for liaising with foreign embassies and other local and International NGOs based in the capital city.

Bekithemba Kudakwashe Moyo – IT Projects Co-ordinator

Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree in Civil & Water Engineering – National University of Science & Technology (NUST)
Currently works as a Graduate Structural /Civils Design Engineer at RJK Consulting.
MBA – (currently pursuing) – University of South Wales, Australia

Mr. Moyo is yet another vibrant, diligent and hardworking young man. He is a Graduate Civil Engineer from NUST. He has a deep passion for serving his country through helping children from Zimbabwe’s poor rural schools. He strongly loves being part and parcel of this organization as it affords him the opportunity to assist our children out there. He is also a God fearing man and goes to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Our organization is extremely fortunate in having acquired his services as he is certainly going to be a huge asset to us and to the children we support. We are also mentoring him as he has what it takes to be a great leader. Mr. Moyo is also thirst for knowledge as he is pursuing an MBA with the University of
South Wales, Australia. He is young but with lots of experience which certainly help us in our projects.

Trevor Lunga – International Relations/Corporate Affairs (Canada)

Our organization is fast becoming global with support coming from Canada and as a far afield as Australia and thus the need to create this position. Mr. Lunga is a dedicated and committed philanthropist who believes in giving back and in empowering young people through helping them with opportunities to grow. He is actively involved in a number of organisations in Canada. He will certainly add value to our young but fast growing organization. With his tremendous wide experience we are thus fortunate having him on board.

mrronaldMr. Ronald Ncube – Finance Officer

Bachelor of Engineering- Honours, National University of Science and Technology

Another of Mr. Nyabadza’s products. A very intelligent young man whom we are also developing and mentoring into a fine future community leader. Wants to give back something to his community by donating his time into this organisation.

collinbioMr. Collin Nyabadza – Executive Director and Founder

Diploma In Education, Diploma In Special Needs Education, United College of Education; currently pursuing Bachelor of Community Studies,Certificate In Recruitment and selection-Institute of Personnel Management of Zimbabwe(IPMZ)

A man who has been working with disadvantaged children for the past twenty years. Ten years of that were directly in the classroom. A man who is fearless in tackling child abuse, poverty and in protecting their rights. Has sourced scholarships for over 300 brilliant but needy children to enable them go to high school. Has also sourced funds to build classrooms and teachers cottages, to buy school furniture, drill boreholes, buy sports equipment, etc. Has vast experience in donor relations, advocacy, administration, counselling, resource mobilization, team building, teaching, community work, etc.

mrexsonMr. Exson N. Nyathi – Advisor to the Board

Diploma In Education, United College of Education

He is a retired school head and a man with lots of experience in developing dilapidated schools. He is a natural leader who respects his subordinates but gets the job done. A very honest, principled and transparent man who fears public funds. Mr. Exson is a visionary man who believes in working hard.

mssibonokuhleMs. Sibonokuhle Ndlovu (Twin 1)  Marketing & Public Relations

Diploma In Education, Gwanda Teachers College; Diploma In Development Studies, National University of Science and Technology

A very hard working, determined and knowledgeable woman who is committed to our cause. She is very good at establishing networks that benefit our organisation. Has been a perfect fit and has added value to the team. Currently teaches computers in Umguza District. Loves reading and attending church services.

mrbonganizncubeMr. Bongani Z. Ncube  – Accounting & Administrative Officer 

Mr. Bongani Z. Ncube is a fully qualified accountant who is passionate about doing charity work. He is a holder of B. Comm (Hons) Accounting Degree,  He is also a Grad SAAA, and is a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors. He is currently the Accounts and Administrative Officer for the National Aids Council of Zimbabwe (NAC). He has extensive experience in accounting and auditing and also in NGO operations. He has worked as Finance Officer with the World Vision ILAPSE program, a highly reputable global charity. Added to that Mr. Ncube has also worked as an auditor with the Ministry of Health of the Zimbabwe Government. Last but not least, Mr. Ncube has a deep passion in studying, he is currently a MSc. Accounting and Finance candidate.

mrzulu2Mr. Cosmas ‘Tsano’ Zulu – Sports Development Officer

Mr. Zulu is a soccer person. He has played soccer at the highest level, having played for the Zimbabwe’s oldest soccer club, Highlanders. He also played for the now defunct Olympics Football Club. Mr. Zulu has also coached and managed Highlanders and in 2014 he was the club’s Technical Advisor. This wide experience in the beautiful game makes him a perfect fit for the role of Sports Development Officer in our organisation. One of our organisation’s aims is to provide soccer and other sports equipment. However, a number of our rural teachers do not the proper skills to coach soccer to the children. One of Mr. Zulu’s main tasks therefore is to organise and running run soccer workshops for teachers in the schools where we would have donated equipment so that it could be put to better use. Not only does Mr. Zulu have a very deep knowledge of the game, he is also a very good motivator who wants this done. He is a go getter who loves new challenges. Currently, he is the Technical Advisor for the Bulawayo Christian Soccer League. We are certainly extremely fortunate having a man of Mr. Zulu’s calibre on our team.

SibonokuhleTwin2Ms. Sibonokuhle Ndlovu (Twin 2) – Special Needs Education Coordinator

Certificate in Education, United College of Education (UCE); Diploma In Education (Special Needs) UCE; BEd Science in Special Education, Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU); Bachelor of Education with Honours, University of Witwatersrand, SA; Masters In Education, University of Cape Town; Doctor of Philosophy In Education (pending)  University of Wits, SA

A very brilliant, hardworking, dedicated, honest and meticulous woman. She is deeply passionate about the welfare and education of children with disabilities as she strongly believes they too deserve equal opportunities just like any other children. Ms. Ndlovu is deeply interested in research within the disability field, supporting learning for children with disabilities and basic education and higher learning. She is therefore certainly a perfect fit for this portfolio. Her hobbies include reading for knowledge and for interest, watching African movies and playing lawn tennis.


Muziwandile Dube– Schools Liaison/ Logistics Officer

Bachelor of Education in English – University of Zimbabwe
Currently heading Samahuru Secondary School in Tsholotsho District

Mr. Dube is a vibrant young man who has added a lot of value to our organization. He is proactive and is a go getter who loves challenges. He is currently head of Samahuru Secondary School in Tsholotsho, one of the six districts we support. He has managed to introduce a number of projects at his school. These includes a series of educational trips for the students as he strongly believes in experiential learning. He is a natural leader whom we are mentoring, as we strongly feel he has the potential of leading on grand stage. Mr. Dube is a devout Christian and is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. He loves sports and has introduced cricket at some of the schools he has taught. Besides sports, he also loves helping other people especially children whom he loves pushing them to success. We are therefore extremely lucky having him on board. Mr. Dube is an avid reader and very articulate as well.

Mr. Ziphathele Ncube – Program Co-ordinator

B.Comm. Honours, Finance & MSc. Degree in Fiscal Studies – National University of Science & Technology (Zimbabwe)

Mr. Ziphathele is a results-oriented, knowledgeable, self-driven innovator and a goal driven team player with exceptional communication skills. Since coming on board, he has added a lot of value to the CNCVCT. He’s actually one of the organisation’s pivots. He’s a holder of a MSc. Degree in Fiscal Studies and a B.Comm Honours Degree in Banking and Finance from the National University of Science & Technology (N.U.S.T.)

He also boasts of 9 years working experience in customs and taxes environment within the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA). Our organisation always relies heavily on his experience whenever we import some educational equipment and resources from abroad. He is a great asset to our organisation. Married with a son, Mr. Ziphathele is a devoted Christian and is actively involved in his church’s activities. Besides being a Board Member of the CNCVCT, he is also actively involved in helping develop his rural home community of Tsholotsho, where he is leading a group of dedicated individuals in building a secondary school in order to save the children in that area from walking a long distance to attend high school.