Raising funds for school furniture freight

Posted on May 29, 2014

I have been very busy as usual with the organisation. People are responding. I think we will be crossing the Red Sea pretty soon. At the moment I am trying to see if I can raise USD 10 000 to enable us ship some school furniture, sports equipment, educational toys, books and medical equipment, from the UK to Zimbabwe.

Two days ago I sent an email to one organisation in the UK that sends such things to schools in Zambia. They have responded that they will be able to help us (please see forwarded email). However there are two options. Either we join the queue and wait for 12 months for them to ship for us, or we raise the USD $10, 000 and we will have our stuff in September. I am trying to see if we can raise that amount, which I strongly feel can be achieved.

I am praying deeply that this deal goes through for it would enable our organisation to make a very big statement.


Date: Mon, 26 May 2014 08:25:28 +0100

To: collinnyabadza@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: S.O.S Zimbabwe

Dear Collin,

Thank you for your contact. Congratulations on your achievements.

We are familiar with the rural schools in Zimbabwe, and of course we will help.  Two things are needed though, funding for freight and tax exemption at import. We can probably help with finances but you would have to join the line for delivery in about twelve months time. Tax exemption is something you would have to fix.

I expect it will cost around $10,000 for freight, the same as Zambia.

Our huge containers are absolutely packed and would totally service three village community schools and three rural health clinics.  We can up the delivery for larger schools and secondary schools. All the items are new or good second-hand stock that has been cleaned and certified fit for purpose, all the drawers and cupboards are filled with books and educational toys, all the spaces around them are filled with school and sports uniform and sports equipment.

The processing and packing for schools is undertaken by teachers who share the same passion as you.

If you have funds, you can jump the line and we can dispatch straight away, for delivery by September.

I trust that is all the information you need to get us started together!

Best wishes

David SCOTT M.Ed
UK National Police Aid Convoys

UK Registered Charity 1124668